Steal The Moment Ministries

Women's Ministry

Matthew 11:12

Forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God in balance through the Word, Prayer, and God given pleasures.


We are not idle or downtrodden but proactively seeking the Lord STEALING every moment meant for our demise and utilizing them for the Glory of God!!!!


STMM Mission:  Mobilizing women to press into the Kingdom of God (through Jesus Christ) with intense exertion, and ardent zeal in order to sustain the mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual health needed to do a work for the Lord and live an anointed balanced life.


STMM Purpose:  Our women’s ministry will challenge women to grow in the Word prayer, speech and deed so we will be equipped to fulfill our calling and purpose both collectively and individually. Ultimately propelling us to be an agent of change in our families, churches, businesses communities and the world around us.

973 East 233rd St. Bronx, NY 10466

Sunday Morning

(Empowerment Services) 

11:30 am