A Date With Destiny

Welcome to Fresh Rhema's "Date With Destiny" (DwD) Christian development courses. As servant leaders of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we are committed to providing an environment of learning where mutual benefit and respect for every student is our goal. To succeed at accomplishing our goals we have outlined a code of conduct for all students when participating in these classes. As kingdom representatives of integrity, we expect everyone to adhere to these guidelines. As our commitment to you, if at any time during our courses, you feel you have not been treated with the utmost respect, please let your teacher or a member of the "Date With Destiny" team know immediately. In addition, please communicate any concerns you might have with fulfilling these guidelines with a member of the "Date With Destiny" team.

3 Step Development Course:

First Course: - Salvation 101


 These discipleship lessons are designed to help you begin your new life in Jesus Christ. They will help you understand what your relationship to God is, how to communicate with Him, how to apply basic Bible principles to your life, and how your life can be an influential witness and testimony of God’s grace.

Second Course: - Holy Spirit 301


What We Believe About The Holy Spirit is the second course of DwD, designed to increase knowledge and understanding of the works and dispensation of the Holy Spirit. We want to ensure that all members of Fresh Rhema operate from a unified, yet evolving understanding of the functions and attributes of the Holy Spirit.

Third Course: - Dating Destiny 401


The purpose of this course is to help understand the responsibilities and principles associated with biblical essentials, cultivate individual commitments to kingdom giving, and provide guidelines for spiritual development and daily living.

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Sunday Morning

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